The 'Pitney Bowes' Main Stage

The ‘Pitney Bowes’ Main Stage – Led by Prof. Stephen Mayson, will explore the reinvention of legal services and the effect this is having on leadership, the people, and culture within the profession.

The sessions will address innovation in a ‘rational’ vs ‘non-rational’ case, and evaluate how the legal sector is ensuring a competitive and supportive landscape in light of disruptive technologies impacting the profession. In addition, the 2017 keynotes will delve into 21st century leadership, addressing engagement techniques, skills to empower your team for the future, and address the moral framework required to steer the evolution of digital life within all professions.

Time Schedule Speakers

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Prof. Stephen Mayson – Honorary Prof. of Law, UCL (Event Chairperson)


The Reinvention of Law

  • Reinvention Versus Innovation: Leading Edge, Bleeding Edge or Boiling Frogs?
  • People: Skills, Creativity, Judgement, Empathy, Attitudes & Reward
  • Leadership and the Emerging Tension: People, Technology, Culture & Ethics

Prof. Stephen Mayson – Honorary Prof. of Law, University College London


Main Stage Sponsor Showcase

Pitney Bowes


KEYNOTE: The Leader Shift in Law: Shifting Gears to Lead in the 21st Century

  • Empowering your Team for the Future
  • Engagement as a Leverage Tool
  • Entrusting the Future to your Team
  • Mastering Questions as the Tool of Impactful Leaders

Jeff Nischwitz – Founder & Chief Story Debunker, The Nischwitz Group


Panel: Interview & Questions to the Audience

Panel of Experts will Examine & Debate the Issues Presented during Jeff Nischwitz’s Keynote Presentation

Jeff Nischwitz – Founder & Chief Story Debunker, The Nischwitz Group
Ian Connett – Legal Director, Collective
Prof. Stephen Mayson – Honorary Prof. of Law, UCL (Chair)


Stage Break


Event Partner Showcase

Databarracks & Oosha


Technology and Humanity: the Next 10 Years (& why the Future is Better Than You May Think)

  • Humans and Technology are Increasingly Intertwining
  • Where is this Leading, What Opportunities or Challenges Lie Ahead?
  • Will Routine Jobs Evaporate or will Totally New Jobs be Invented?
  • How will Leaders Challenge and Adapt to the Current Status Quo?

Humans and technology are increasingly intertwining: bots that understand natural language and can ‘learn’, intelligent digital assistants handling an increasingly number of human tasks, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence and ‘intelligent clouds’. Where is this going, what opportunities or challenges lie ahead, what will we mere humans do in the future, will smart machines render us ‘useless’, will most routine jobs evaporate or will totally new jobs be invented… and what will it all mean for the business of law?   The future is already here – we just need to take notice!

Gerd Leonhard – Futurist & Keynote Speaker / Author / Future Strategist & CEO, The Futures Agency


Panel: Driving & Managing Law Firm Innovation

  • Is ‘Law Firm Innovation’ a Contradiction in Terms?
  • Is Innovation Easier in Smaller Firms?
  • Is Most Innovation Driven by Technology?
  • What Should Firms do to Encourage an Innovation Culture and Mindset (an Innovation Champion, Dedicated Team, Budget, No-Blame Approach, etc)?

Gerd Leonhard – Futurist & Keynote Speaker / Author / Future Strategist & CEO, The Futures Agency
David Morley – Chairman, Elaghmore
Prof. Stephen Mayson – Honorary Prof. of Law, UCL (Chair)


Chairperson’s Closing Remarks

  • A Summary of the issues & opportunities presented on 'The Pitney Bowes' Main Stage

Prof Stephen Mayson – Honorary Prof. of Law, UCL (Event Chairperson)


Stage Close

The Crown Stage

The Crown Stage – Led by Ian Jeffrey, CEO of Lewis Silkin, will address the continuous evolution of internal operations, performance management techniques, business performance and more. The 2017 agenda will evaluate the strategic investment needed by firm management to ensure the advanced growth and future ongoing success of firms, in establishing an innovation culture and a client centric service.

The session will also explore how disruptive technologies are now pushing talent management capabilities to the center of operations to drive firm success. The speakers will also highlight the benefits that automation, IoT and analytics can bring to the profession and how these are advancing Legal services into a new era.

Time Schedule Speakers

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Ian Jeffrey – Chief Executive Lewis Silkin (Event Chairperson)


Operational Excellence

  • Observations from a Non-Lawyer on How Changes in the Legal Services Markets are Accelerating the Need for Change in Law Firms
  • How Operational Excellence Needs to Engage with Every Person in the Firm
  • How Genuinely Excellent Operational Standards can Drive Both Short Term Profitability and Longer Term Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Iain Johnston – Chief Operating Officer, Hill Dickinson


Sponsor Showcase

Ben Nicholson – Director of Strategy, sharedo by slicedbread


Measuring the Impact of Knowledge Management

  • Impact of KM on Firm Profitability
  • Harnessing Digital Evolution
  • Invest in Down Time and Produce KM Assets

It's all about Talent - Driving Success, Integration & High Performance Through People

  • Building a World Leading HR and Talent Function
  • Managing Key Competencies and Benchmarks
  • Tracking Performance Through Strategic Initiatives and Organisation Development

Jay Connolly – Global Chief Talent Officer, Dentons


Stage Break


The CFO: A Central Role in Firm Leadership

  • The Changing Role of the CFO
  • Translating Numbers into Opportunity
  • Business Leadership, Transformation & Future Growth Strategies
  • Exploring the Need for the CFO to Establish Themselves as a Collaborative Partner to the CEO

How Can Artificial Intelligence Transform Due Diligence?

Emily Foges – Chief Executive Officer, Luminance


The Power of the Law Firm Brand

  • Current Market Differentiation
  • The Purpose Brand vs Value Brand
  • Encouraging the Employer Brand Values
  • Added Value: Encouraging Client Innovation

Sadie Baron – Chief Marketing Officer, Reed Smith


The New SRA Code of Conduct and Good Business Management

  • The new SRA regime moves yet further from a prescriptive compliance framework and is driving practices to look at outcomes, in the context of their own businesses – RSM will draw on their wider sector experiences to identify how enterprise governance, risk and control has been used to create and add value to organisation management and performance
  • Multi-disciplinary approaches to compliance and good business management
  • Compliance as a business must-have, not as a must-do

Rachel Khiara – Partner, RSM 


Business Performance via Strategic Innovation

  • How to Identify Areas Within a Business that Require Critical Change and Investment
  • Effectively Communicating to Board and Gaining Buy-in Power
  • Leading Innovation Initiatives

Jonathan Patterson – ‎Development Director, DWF


Chairperson’s Closing Comments

  • A Summary of the issues & opportunities presented on ‘The Crown Stage’

Ian Jeffrey – Chief Executive Lewis Silkin (Event Chairperson)


Stage Close

The Tech Hub

The Tech Hub – Led by Janet Day, will explore various new initiatives, technologies and leadership measures that can advance firms in this competitive market. In addition, the 2017 event, will evaluate IT strategies paramount for firm competitive advantage.

The presentations will look at how firms can take advantage of technological advancements, whilst investing in future facing initiatives such as FinTech. Experts will explore IoT, and how AI fits within this to the benefit of organisations looking to explore further strategic growth. The sessions will also discuss disruptive innovations for value creation, whilst exploring the client focus that firms need to take to ensure success.

Time Schedule Speakers

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Janet Day – Independent Consultant (Event Chairperson)


What Law Firms Need to Ensure That They Are Innovative

  • The Changing Legal Market and the Continued Focus on Innovation
  • What Does this Mean for New Roles in the Sector?
  • What do the Board in Law Firms Require to Happen, to Meet the Changing Market?

Kerry Westland – Head of Innovation & Legal Technology, Addleshaw Goddard


Sponsor Showcase



Innovating in a Change Resistant Culture

  • Drivers for Change – GDPR, Virtual Courts Including SDS and Market Needs
  • The Impact of Technology on Leadership & Growth From a Chambers Perspective
  • Managing and Empowering a Tech-Savvy Barrister Culture
  • The Physiological Impact of Innovation and Best Practice

David Anderson – Head of Corporate Services / Company Secretary, St John’s Buildings


The Traits of Successful Windows Migration Projects

  • Why Technology Led Windows Migrations Fail at Achieving Maximum Business Value
  • How to Improve the Business Outcomes of Your Windows Migration Project
  • The Four Levels of Windows Migration Maturity, from “Damaging” to “Innovating”

Richard Tucker – Managing Director, Peerless IT


Under the Covers of The Internet of Things & Artificial Intelligence

  • A Short History of the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • How IoT and Artificial Intelligence Fit Together
  • Do Self-filling Fridges Matter - Practical Use Cases
  • The Future in IoT and AI

Tony Reid – CTO, Financial Services Business Unit, Hitachi


Stage Break


Harnessing the Power of Automation within Legal Services

  • The Benefits that AI & Intelligent Technologies Can Bring to Firms & Employees
  • Disruptive Innovation and the Value Creation for the Legal Sector
  • The Risk Landscape – Human or Technological

Karl Chapman – CEO, Riverview Law


Why Should Law Firms Embrace the Circular Economy?

  • The Circular Economy - What is it?
  • What Kind of Companies are Benefiting From it, and How?
  • Where Does Technology Fit into the Equation?
  • Why Should You at Least Think About it in Your Firm?

Barry Vickery – General Manager of Corporate Services


Technological Disruption a GC Perspective

  • Focus of a Tech-Savvy Millennial Leader
  • Impact of Technology on Leadership
  • Driving Leadership and Operational Performance
  • The Importance of Communication in Improving Performance for In-House Functions

Ian Connett – Legal Director, Collective


Chairperson’s Closing Remarks

  • A Summary of the issues & opportunities presented on ‘The Tech Hub’ Stage

Janet Day – Independent Consultant (Event Chairperson)


Stage Close

The 'Introhive' Innovation Stage

The ‘Introhive’ Innovation Stage – Led by Jason Plant, will explore current systems, processes and solutions available for the profession and the future lawyer. The sessions will investigate new applications, including new security solutions for evolved security strategies including more streamlined services.

Expert speakers will explore the benefits that automation, AI, IoT and analytics can bring to the profession and how this is advancing Legal services into a phase of disruptive revolution.

Time Schedule Speakers

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Jason Plant – Head of Lawyer Technology, DLA Piper (Event Chairperson)


Lawyer Tech in the Real World - It's Not Big and it's Not Artificial

  • The 'Agile' Office - Work Collaboratively, Work Anywhere
  • Windows 10 - This is the One!
  • Office 365 or 2016 - Tough Choice or no Brainer?
  • Pen or Pencil - Digital Mark-Up, Microsoft or Apple in the Tablet Wars

Jason Plant – Head of Lawyer Technology, DLA Piper


AI & Automation: How technology can help firms generate more sales without burdening lawyers & staff

  • Using relationship intelligence to drive more business
  • Enabling cross-selling with client intelligence reports
  • Maintaining complete, accurate, and up-to-date contact information for marketing initiatives

Adam Stewart – Director, Technical Services, Introhive


Sponsor Showcase

Steve Marshall – Chief Operating Officer, Risk-X


Reinventing your Practice in the Cloud

  • The Benefits of Using Cloud-based Practice Management Software
  • How Clio Can Help Lawyers Solve their Problems, Looking at a Typical Example
  • Cloud-based Time-tracking, Billing, Document Management, and Case Management
  • How Clio Can Save Lawyers up to 8 Hours a Week

Irmantas Levanas – Account Executive EMEA, Clio


How to Improve your Firm's Client, Matter and Fee-Earner Profitability

  • Cost Allocating Rules
  • Comparisons to Budget and/or Forecast
  • How to Analyse Variances
  • How to be More Profitable

Barry Talbot – Managing Director, Informance


Awards Finalist ANNOUNCEMENT

British Legal Technology Awards 2017


Stage Break


The Business of law is re-inventing itself and technology is the enabler

  • Starter: Document & email management for the Modern Professional – redefining the way professionals work
  • Main Course: “Need to Know” security model and threat detection – find out who is leaving your firm before they resign!
  • Dessert: Practical and innovative Artificial Intelligence.

Geoff Hornsby – General Manager EMEA, iManage


Sponsor Showcase



Law Firm Profitability: Trends and Dynamics from a Global Market Perspective

  • Understanding Law Firm Profitability
  • Pro-active Matter Pricing Strategies
  • Future Proofing Legal BI

Fraser Mayfield – Programme Director – EMEA, Iridium Technology


Sponsor Showcase



Account-Based Marketing is All the Rage, But How Can You Harness it for Your Firm?

Connor Kinnear – Chief Marketing Officer, Passle


Panel: Legal IT - Emerging Technology

  • The Next Generation of Law and Technology
  • Evaluating New Advancements in Legal IT
  • What is Being Achieved for the Future of Legal Services
  • Who are the Emerging Disruptors & Vendors to Watch?

Chairperson’s Closing Remarks

  • A Summary of the issues & opportunities presented on the 'Introhive' Innovation Stage

Jason Plant – Head of Lawyer Technology, DLA Piper (Event Chairperson)


Stage Close

The 'CenturyLink' Main stage

The ‘CenturyLink’ Main stage led by Graham Cluley, will explore the security threat landscape, and the most pressing issues for law firms to consider.

The sessions will address imbedding a security culture as part of the business strategy and evaluate the current vulnerability of the sector. The speakers will also undertake live demonstrations identifying vulnerable devices, whilst discussing some of the world’s biggest breaches and key areas that companies can protect themselves against.

In addition, the 2017 keynote will delve into national security policies, cyber warfare and address the most serious issues in cyber security.

Time Schedule Speakers

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Graham Cluley – Security Analyst, (Event Chairperson)


The Current Cyber Security Landscape

  • Where are we now?
  • Overview of the Current Market Threats & Trends
  • How is the Enemy Advancing?

Graham Cluley – Security Analyst,


Best Practices & Proactive Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Threats in Law Firms

  • New Proactive Strategies and Best Practices to Mitigate Cyber Threats
  • Avoiding the Reputational Destruction of a Cyber-Security Attack
  • Assessing & Implementing Risk Transfer and Mitigation Strategies
  • Developing of a Comprehensive Security Program that Reduces Business and Financial Risks

Dave Mahon – Chief Security Officer, CenturyLink


Cyber Criminal: Hostis Humani Generis

  • Casus Belli (case of war) - This section will look at what threats and criminals are doing in the real world against law firms
  • Crimen Falso (crime of falsifying) - This section will involve explaining spear phishing along with live demonstrations
  • Ex Fida Bona (good business norms) - Discussion on what law firms can be doing about the threats facing them today and threats we feel are on the horizon.

Freaky Clown (FC) – Ethical Hacker, CEO, Redacted Firm


Thinking about Resilience? Think Security Ops

  • Understand SOC Capability and the Role of current CISO
  • Key Elements Needed in Building an Adaptive SOC Capability
  • Buy vs Build – Make an informed decision
  • Staffing Up – what kind of people do I need?
  • How Automation and AI can assist in Next Generation Security Operations

Mo Cashman – Principle Engineer, McAfee


Stage Break


Panel: Why are Law Firms a Target? - Lessons Learned

  • What Can be Learned From Current Market Breaches?
  • How to Recover After an Attack & Breach
  • Evaluating the Challenges & Exploring the Advancements That a Company Can Undertake in a Heightened Risk Landscape
  • Identifying the Vulnerability of Individuals - Who Are Most Likely to be a Target?
  • Establishing a Successful Cohesive Global Security Programme

A Panel of Experts will Examine & Debate the Issues and Findings of Present Day Security Threats

Mark Leiser – Cyberlaw Lecturer, London School Economics
Sue Diver  Head of Information Security & Data Protection, Clarke Willmott
Amar Singh – Chair, ISACA’s UK Security Advisory Group & Founder, Cyber Management Alliance
Graham Cluley – Security Analyst, (Event Chair)


Stage Break


KEYNOTE: Cyber Warfare

  • Why Intelligence is Beneficial to all Industries
  • What Does the Current Security Landscape Look Like?
  • Offensive and Defensive Operations - Managing the Most Challenging Foreign and Security Policy Issues of the Last 20 Years
  • The Forces & Key Players Shaping the World, Cyber Security & How Organisations Can Make it Work For Them

Sir John Sawers – Former Chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service


Panel: Discussion & Interview

Graham Cluley interviews Sir John Sawers & Freaky Clown on the information, issues & opportunities raised during the keynotes. During this discussion, audience members are offered an opportunity to submit questions to the panel.

Sir John Sawers – Former Chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service
FC  Ethical Hacker, CEO, Redacted Firm
Ian Hughes – Senior Analyst, IOT, 451 Research Ltd

Graham Cluley
– Security Analyst, (Chair)


Chairperson's Closing Remarks

  • A summary of the issues & opportunities presented on the 'CenturyLink' Main Stage

Graham Cluley – Security Analyst, (Event Chairperson)


Stage Close

The Security stage

The Security stage led by Peter Wright, will delve into the broader security ecosystem. From the security of disruptive technologies such as blockchain, to social engineering. The 2017 agenda will look at security in a deeper sense, addressing the specific areas that must be considered when implementing / adopting new technologies, systems, and processes.

The sessions, will discuss data security from the client prospective including first set of model cyber-security practices that the industry must adhere too. In addition, the speakers will discuss how to Identify Fraud and mitigate firm risk including the human element, whilst delving into GDPR and the practical issues that will arise should a breach be identified.

Time Schedule Speakers

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Peter Wright – Managing Director, DigitalLawUK (Event Chairperson)


Blockchaining the Legal Sector

  • The Risk Landscape - Threats & Breaches
  • How Will Blockchain Affect the Profession?
  • A Revolution or a Fad? Tangible Technological Infrastructure
  • The Future: Creating Immutable Records and Processes

Amar Singh – Chair, ISACA’s UK Security Advisory Group & Founder,  Cyber Management Alliance


Defending your Firm: How to Protect your Network in the New Age of Cyber-Attacks

  • The Changing Threat Landscape: Am I a Target?
  • Why Machine Learning and Mathematics are Automating Advanced Threat Detection
  • How Smart Technology Allows For Better Resource Allocation and Lower Risk
  • Real-World Examples of Detected Threats, From Non-Malicious Insiders to Sophisticated Cyber-Attackers

Dave Palmer – Director of Technology, Darktrace


Big Trouble for Big Law?: Data Protection for Law Firms and Clients

  • Evaluating the Release of the ACC’s First Set of Model Cyber Security Practices
  • Addressing the Impact the New Controls will have on Private Practice

Brennan Torregrossa – VP & Assoc. General Counsel, GlaxoSmithKline
Antonio Suarez-Martinez – Assistant General Counsel, GlaxoSmithKline


Security Stage Sponsor Showcase

IGX Global / Juniper Networks


Security Responsibility in a Connected World

  • Evaluating the Current Risk Landscape
  • Denial of Service Attacks Through Internet of Things & Connected Devices
  • Where Does Security Responsibility Lie (Case Study of the Mirai Hack)
  • Artificial Intelligence & Automation Evolution via Interconnectivity

Ian Hughes – Senior Analyst, IOT, 451 Research Ltd


Stage Break


Identifying Fraud and Mitigating Firm Risk

  • What is Being Undertaken in a Heightened Risk Landscape to Protect UK Businesses?
  • Identifying Areas of Improvement to Foresee Fraudulent Activities and Mitigate Risks to UK Firms and Businesses
  • What are Key Lessons that the Legal Sector can Implement to Protect Themselves, Perhaps Transferring Best Practice from the Commercial Sector?
  • Adoption of AI in Crime Solving and Investigations and What This Means for the Future

Sponsor Showcase

Net Consulting


Keeping your Counsel - On People Hacking, Privacy and Security

  • An Insight into the Human Side of Cyber Security
  • How to “Psychologically Pen-test”
  • Outsider vs Insider Threats
  • Exploiting Weaknesses & Increasing Human Defences to Protect Against Attacks

Jenny Radcliffe – The People Hacker / Head of Social Engineering / Training & Consultancy


GDPR – Impact of a Breach (from Day Zero)

  • The Practical Implementation of the New GDPR
  • The Procurement Issues Firms Need to Consider
  • Live Simulation Including the 72-hour Breach Notification Protocols

Peter Wright – Managing Director, DigitalLawUK


Chairperson’s Closing Remarks

  • A Summary of the issues & opportunities presented on 'The Security Stage'

Peter Wright – Managing Director, DigitalLawUK (Event Chairperson)


Stage Close


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