The 'Oosha' Crown Stage

The ‘Oosha’ Crown Stage – Led by Prof. Stephen Mayson, will explore the future of legal services and the effect this is having on, leadership, performance, and culture with the profession.

The sessions will address New Law vs Big Law and discuss why this is influencing and changing the industry including evaluating the current changes in regulation that are shaping firms and how they are supporting them for the future. In addition the Crown stage speakers will ask the question why? How do leaders inspire action in their teams to take the business into a new era and what traits leaders need to continue growing businesses in the face of economic and global disruption.

Time Schedule Speakers

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Prof. Stephen Mayson – Honorary Prof. of Law, UCL (Event Chairperson)


Law Firm Transformation

  • A leadership perspective on cultural transformation
  • Taking a strategic approach
  • The investment & implementation challenge
  • Lessons learned.

David Beech – CEO, Knights 1759


Disruptor or disrupted, leadership in turbulent times

  • Anticipate; Using predictable hard trends to anticipate disruptions, and industry-shifting opportunities
  • Blue ocean; throw out the handbook. Companies that disrupt an industry don’t rely on traditional strategies
  • Big bang disruption; From digital routes to operations excellence, changing the internal processes
  • Trends are predictable; Predictability exists, yet we continuously rely on the fact it does not. There are some 500 known cycles including business, climate, biological, and sales that repeat with utter reliability. Hard trends or future facts.
  • Determine your own future; You need to develop your own future view. That will determine the future you.

Ron Immink – Partner, Strategy Crowd Partner


Stage Sponsor Showcase

Oosha – Stage Sponsor


Stage Break


New Law vs Big Law - Why This is Shaping the Future (Panel Discussion)

Panel of Experts will Examine & Debate the Challenges & Opportunities of New Law vs Big Law

Stephen Allen – ‎Global Head of Legal Services Delivery, Hogan Lovells
Ben McGuire – Innovation & Business Change Director, Simmons & Simmons
Warren Foot
– CEO, Fulcrum Chambers
John Croft – President & Co-Founder, Elevate Services
Prof. Stephen Mayson – Honorary Prof. of Law, UCL (Chair)


TRUE Leader Concept - Presentation with Q&A

  • How to deliver high performance long term
  • Inspire teams for key delivery
  • Taking charge of change management.

Admiral Sir Trevor Soar – Founder, TRUE Leader


Stage Break


Innovative Leadership in a Digital Era

Baroness Martha Lane-Fox CBE – Founder & Executive Chair,


Interview with Keynote Speaker

Stephen Mayson interviews Baroness Martha Lane-Fox CBE on the information, issues & opportunities raised during the keynote. During this discussion, audience members are offered an opportunity to submit questions to the panel.

Baroness Martha Lane-Fox CBE – Founder & Executive Chair,
Prof. Stephen Mayson – Honorary Prof. of Law, UCL (Chair)


Chairperson’s Closing Remarks

  • A summary of the issues & opportunities presented on The 'Oosha' Main Stage

Prof Stephen Mayson – Honorary Prof. of Law, UCL (Event Chairperson)


Stage Close

The 'Pitney Bowes' Chancery Stage

The ‘Pitney Bowes’ Chancery Stage – Led by Ian Jeffrey, CEO of Lewis Silkin, will address the continuous evolution of internal operations, performance management techniques, business performance and more. The 2018 agenda will discuss how collaboration is becoming key for client advancement and deliver into the strategic guidance of the CEO in supporting the future of the firms.

The sessions will explore law firm transformation in seismic shifts in customer service delivery and technological advancements, whilst outlining how to achieve operational excellence. In addition, speakers will explore how firms currently dealing with disruption both on the technical front and operational level ensure that crisis management is core to outcomes.

Time Schedule Speakers

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Ian Jeffery – Chief Executive Lewis Silkin (Stage Chairperson)


Collaboration - A Real World Example

  • Embed collaboration as part of the corporate culture
  • Beyond legal; becoming a business consultant rather than contract-minders
  • Strategic partnerships to meet expectation
  • Agility and digital transformation, key drivers for firms.

Stuart Whittle – Business Services and Innovation Director, Weightmans


Driving Law Firm Performance

  • Talent Management as a core for law firm growth
  • Embracing change and driving cross firm collaboration
  • Essential leadership skills to drive service delivery .

Adrian Biles – CEO, Gordon Dadds


Sponsor Showcase

Frosch Learning


The View of the CEO

  • A leadership perspective on key law firm drivers
  • Taking a strategic approach
  • The investment & implementation challenge
  • Lessons learned at Lewis Silkin.

Ian Jeffery – Chief Executive, Lewis Silkin


Stage Break


The Smart Working Revolution

  • The smart workforce model

Ruth Gawthorpe – CEO, The Smart Working Revolution


Improve Print and Scan Security with Turbo Charged Workflows

  • Scanning in the firm
  • Printing in the firm
  • Security
  • Workflows

Nicola Smith – Business Development Manager, EMEA, nQueue


Achieving Operational Excellence

  • Delivering pragmatic change & improvement strategies
  • Leadership, business transformation and drivers for future growth.

Mo Ajaz – Global Head of Legal Operational Excellence, National Grid


Diversity Management Panel

Karen Jacks – IT Director, Bird & Bird
Mabel Evans – IT Director Fieldfisher
David Fazakerley – Chief Information Officer / Company Director, MW Solicitors
Thereza Snyman 
– Consultant, Baskerville Drummond Consulting
Ian Jeffery – Chief Executive Lewis Silkin (Chair)


Chairperson’s Closing Comments

  • A Summary of the issues & opportunities presented on The Chancery Stage

Ian Jeffery – Chief Executive Lewis Silkin (Stage Chairperson)


Stage Close

The Tech Hub

The Tech Hub – Led by Janet Day, will explore various new initiatives, technologies and leadership measures that can advance firms in this competitive market. In addition, the 2018 event, will evaluate how innovation is paramount for firm competitive advantage.

The presentations will look at the impact of technology on leadership whilst discussing the business of law and how delivering growth is needed at all levels to achieve law firm success in a globalized industry. The sessions will debate how firms can take advantage of technological advancements, including disruptive innovations for value creation, whilst ensuring up-skilling in the face of security challenges. In addition, speakers will discuss, implementing best practice network security and having the leadership needed to steer businesses into the next generation.

Time Schedule Speakers

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Janet Day – Independent Consultant (Stage Chairperson)


The Impact of Technology on Leadership

  • IT leaders are faced with unprecedented change, collaboration is key
  • Technological advancements keep you ahead of the competition
  • Working smarter to ensure cohesive approaches.

Janet Day – Independent Consultant


Sponsor Showcase

Repstor – Sponsor Showcase


IT Innovation as a Core Driver for Growth

  • Meeting client requirements to ensure the firms longevity
  • Innovation to increase efficiency & client engagement
  • Utilising internal skill sets to drive firms forward & gain the competitive edge.

Karen Jacks – IT Director, Bird & Bird


The Business of Law

  • The fundamentals of 'The Business of Law' have changed - What does this mean to firms
  • Technological collaboration to add strategic value
  • The business approach to innovation
  • Bridging the gap for more informed decision making.

4 Things Law Firms Could Learn From Tech Companies

  • The changing role of technology in different markets
  • Digital disruption - the winners and losers
  • Has leadership evolved
  • What lessons can we learn from tech companies.

Barry Vickery – General Manager of Corporate Services, InfoTrack


Disruptive Technology and the Future of Information Security - Thought Leader Session

Dr. Simon Moores – Managing Director, Zentelligence (Research)
Janet Day
 – Independent Consultant


Stage Break


Cloud - Real World Use in Law Firms

  • Delivering IT resources remotely via the web
  • Benefits of Cloud & how this has been successfully implemented departmentally
  • Potential risks and challenges faced by firms looking to implement cloud offerings.

Nigel Stott – Head of IT, Hudgell Solicitors


Improve your Firm's Efficiency with Simple Solutions

  • Where lawyers are spending their time - Are lawyers utilising their time
  • Are they focussed on maximising the billable hours
  • Finding the right tools to automate tasks & maximise productivity - How
  • Having technology to work better
  • A success story

Nick Francis – Senior Growth Marketer, Clio


Events in Cyberspace: Can we keep up

  • Cybersecurity has become more complex & the risk landscape more diverse - What this means to firms
  • Data is the new gold
  • The evolution of intelligent attacks & the need for proactive security.

Best Practice Network Security – The View from an Ethical Hacker

  • Sectoral threat overview: what kind of threats does the legal sector face
  • View from the red team: what vulnerabilities do our ethical hacking team routinely encounter and exploit which you should know about
  • Conclusion and recommendations for network security

Will Stockdale – Director, Cyber Security, S-RM
Tim Carter – Head of Ethical Hacking, S-RM


Sponsor Showcase

LexisNexis – Sponsor Showcase


Combining Encryption & Machine Learning to Defeat the Insider Threat

  • Evaluate the true threat staff pose to their organisations
  • Understand the role that machine learning can play in overcoming the insider threats
  • The risks and benefits of algorithmic decision-making
  • Understand the role of encryption technology.

The Future of Firm Systems & Infrastructure - A Risky Business (Panel Discussion)

Where firms are now not just in terms of security but navigating into the future of firm infrastructure within the current risk landscape.

Christel Aguila – Head of IT/ Partner, Winckworth Sherwood
Christian Toon 
– CISO, Pinsent Masons
Janet Day – Independent Consultant (Chair)


Chairperson’s Closing Remarks

  • A Summary of the issues & opportunities presented on The Tech Hub

Janet Day – Independent Consultant (Stage Chairperson)


Stage Close

The 'StarLeaf' Innovation Stage

The ‘StarLeaf’ Innovation Stage – Led by Andrew Haslam, will explore the current and future processes available for the profession and the future lawyer.

The sessions will investigate machine learning and contract review and the impact this has for firms whilst evaluating new advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) including IOT to streamline processes whilst increasing the agility of firms in a disruptive market.

Expert speakers will explore how fostering a culture of innovation is key to the future success of firms and discuss the lessons that can be learned from additional sectors for their internal benefit and advancements in client service delivery for continued evolution.

Time Schedule Speakers

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Andrew Haslam – eDiscovery Project Manager, Squire Patton Boggs (Stage Chairperson)


Machine Learning & Contract Review; Hype or Breakthrough

  • Evolution of AI, means change is occurring
  • How Machine Learning / AI can affect contract review
  • How AI is currently being applied to various analysis in applications including information identification
  • Looking at the future of legal content creation form AI tools, ML & discuss hype or breakthrough.

Andrew Haslam – eDiscovery Project Manager, Squire Patton Boggs


Stage Sponsor Showcase

StarLeaf – Stage Sponsor Showcase


AI and Law: Predicting the Future

  • Legislating for AI - The Framework
  • Changing our mindset
  • How to design your dream law firm of the future

Dr. Heather Anson – Managing Director, Anson Evaluate


Sponsor Showcase

David Arnold – Distinguished Solutions Architect, BlackBerry


The Future of KM – Building Predictive Firms

  • Harmony & analytics
  • Social consumer systems, analytics, and reshaping the organization
  • Leveraging law firm change
  • Future-proofing your business
  • Evolutions in data capture
  • Predictive nirvana.

Stage Break


Fostering a Culture of Innovation

  • Cultivating new ideas & implementing change can be a lengthy process
  • Innovation comes from a collective, not a single source
  • Removing firm silos & nurturing a culture of innovation.

Adam Hembury – Director of Innovation, DLA Piper


Sponsor Showcase

Sponsor Showcase – Luminance


Business Performance via Strategic Innovation

  • How to identify innovation opportunities
  • Leading innovation initiatives & gaining the buy-in
  • Establishing a culture change to drive opportunities forward
  • Lessons learned.

How can the Technology Improve the Provision of Family Law Advice

  • Why does the legal industry need to embrace new technology
  • The Family Law Crisis
  • Lexsnap : A Digital Solution

Tetiana Bersheda – Founder & Director, LexSnap


The CFO of the Future – Driving Innovation

  • The classic CFO role needs to be redefined in the light of disruptive technologies such as digitisation
  • The CFO as an owner of business and market related data is a key enabler of new business
  • With the change of the role and its extended inherent requirements the CFO has to take over more social accountability.

Dr Frank-Stephan Hardt – Chief Financial Officer, T-Systems


Chairperson’s Closing Remarks

  • A Summary of the issues & opportunities presented on the 'Introhive' Innovation Stage

Andrew Haslam – eDiscovery Project Manager, Squire Patton Boggs (Stage Chairperson)


Stage Close

The 'Lockwood' Room

The Lockwood Room will host two private CPD Masterclass knowledge sessions focused on Leadership & New Business Development for Law Firm Leaders and Law Firm Security for Senior Legal IT Professionals.

Time Schedule Speakers

Leadership & New Business Development Masterclass – Sponsored by Frosch Learning

This masterclass session will discuss strategic leadership and evaluate how to identify and adopt new and more efficient ways of working. The session will then delve into developing a client base and the tools and matrices that can be used to evaluate internal performance.

Tim Aspinall – CEO & Founder, Aspinall Consultants

Frosch Learning will then outline the changing face of new business development and highlight the strength of upskilling your teams to proactively engage new business opportunities. Offering insights into cross selling techniques to harness and uplift individual and team performance for competitive advantage.

Frosch Learning


Stage Break


Using Adversarial Thinking & Learning Lessons from Cyber-Crime Cases - Law Firm Security Masterclass - Sponsored by iManage

The session will evaluate how innovation & updated network security is paramount for firms in this current decade and the highlight steps needed to protect the current status quo. It will look at the current risk landscape and gain a broader understanding on the term ‘Information security’.

iManage – Private Lunch & Knowledge Session

The security Masterclass will delve deeper into understanding social engineering and the impact that insider threats pose to firms, whilst understanding the steps necessary to protect the IP of businesses today.

– Why does social engineering offer such a good return on investment for attackers
– Learning from cyber-crime cases: Lisa will walk the audience through some of the cyber-crime cases she worked on involving law firms
– Where did it all go wrong
– Why your staff need to start thinking like hackers and how to maintain a security culture.

Lisa Forte – Partner & GCHQ Certified Training Provider, Red Goat Cyber Security


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