Agenda 2019

The ‘Luminance’ Crown Stage – Led by Prof. Stephen Mayson, will explore the future of legal services and the effect the ‘change management’ methodology is having on leadership, performance, and culture within the profession.

The sessions will address the question of industry deregulation or alternative regulation and discuss how this could change and shape firms for the future.

Additional sessions will explore how challenging traditional models can be the injection firms need to launch them into the constantly evolving climate. In addition, the Crown stage speakers will ask the question Why? – How do leaders inspire action in their teams to take the business into a new era and what traits leaders need to continue growing businesses in the face of economic and global disruption.

Time Schedule Speakers

Chairperson's Opening Remarks

Prof. Stephen Mayson – Honorary Prof. of Law, UCL (Event Chairperson)

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De-regulation or Alternative Regulation

Prof. Stephen Mayson – Honorary Prof. of Law, UCL

  • Is it really time for reform
  • The scope for de-regulation
  • The need for an alternative
  • The big questions.

How to Turn Your Lawyers into Recognised Experts

Connor Kinnear – Chief Marketing Officer, Passle

  • How to go from being unknown to a trusted advisor
  • How to make new connections & deepen existing ones with clients through expertise
  • How to lead the conversation online with your market.

Disruptor or Disrupted – Leadership in Turbulent Times

The future of firms and businesses depends on how well they can adapt to & leverage disruptive technologies & change management.

This session will discuss the leadership & vision Slater & Gordon needed to implement in order to guide the business though significant turmoil.

By putting both people & tech at the heart of everything they did they returned to profitability.

David Whitmore – CEO, Slater & Gordon


Stage Break


The Future of the Legal Services

Stephanie Hamon – Head of Legal Operations Consulting, Norton Rose Fulbright

  • Changing landscape & rule of the in-house function
  • Legal services for greater business impact
  • Old law, new law, no law.

The Impact of the Big 4 (Panel Discussion)

With many expecting technology & advanced automation to shake up the legal profession, a growing number of senior lawyers see such accountancy-tied giants as an increasingly pressing threats to law firms.

The session will discuss how their new models arrived to meet a growing demand & shape the future of legal service delivery.

Hannah Morgan – COO & Strategy Director, Deloitte Legal UK
Juan Crosby
Partner & Co-Head of PwC’s NewLaw Services, PwC
Amanda Brown – Head of Tax Dispute and Controversy, KPMG
Matthew Kellett – Partner, UK Law Leader Financial Services UK, EY
Prof. Stephen Mayson – Honorary Prof. of Law, UCL (Chair)


Stage Break


How Modern Law Firms are Innovating with AI - A Practical Guide

Emily Foges – CEO, Luminance

  • What can AI offer
  • Adoption of best practice - tips & tricks
  • A case study of innovation: Bird&Bird multi-lingual case study.

Leading Change in Challenging Times - How to Take Your People With You

It’s cliché of course that change is a constant, but the challenge of the so called forth industrial revolution is a challenge for people centred businesses like never before.  Many believe sectors like Law will be the hardest hit by progress on machine learning and AI.

Justin will draw on a lifetime of leading in times of dramatic change for his own industry; Grocery Retail an FMCG, using real examples and providing practical advice on his own approach and some golden rules he believes apply across all sectors.

Justin King CBE – Vice Chairman, Terra Firma


Interview with Justin King CBE

Stephen Mayson interviews Justin King CBE on the information, issues & opportunities raised during the keynote presentation.

Justin King CBE – Vice Chairman, Terrafirma
Prof. Stephen Mayson – Honorary Prof. of Law, UCL (Chair)


Chairperson’s Closing Remarks

Prof Stephen Mayson – Honorary Prof. of Law, UCL (Event Chairperson)

  • A summary of the issues & opportunities presented on The 'Luminance' Crown Stage.

Stage Close

The Chancery Stage  Led by Ian Jeffrey, CEO of Lewis Silkin, will address the continuous evolution of internal operations, performance management techniques, business performance and more. The 2019 agenda will discuss Generation Y & Z and the evolution that the lawyers of the future are bringing into the profession. The stage will explore how value & efficiency are key for client service advancement as well as delivering into the strategic guidance of supporting the future of the firms.

In addition, the speakers will explore how firms should look to adopt a ‘holistic approach’ and be ready to explore key milestones when taking a unified approach when managing applications, infrastructure and cross-functional teams.

Time Schedule Speakers

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Ian Jeffery – Chief Executive, Lewis Silkin (Stage Chairperson)

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Law Firms of the Future

Simon George – Associate Professor, Director of ULTRA, The University of Law 

  • Why law firms are changing.

Being a Lawyer in a Disruptive, Super Growth Company

Chantelle Zemba – General Counsel, Deliveroo

  • Challenges faced by high growth disruptive companies
  • The role of the in house lawyer in that environment - how do we add value
  • How can external lawyers effectively service disruptive companies and add also add value.

CFO’s View - How do we Evolve to drive future value in a law firm

Tanbir Jasimuddin – Digital Finance Expert, Enterprise Analytics Consulting

  • Reading in between the lines to create new value for the future
  • As the strategic business partner of the firms today, what do the new CFO’s look for in client value
  • Ten steps in delivering value & customer centricity
  • Strengthening the firms place in an increasingly competitive market.

Demystifying Third-Party-Managed Accounts

Geoff Dunnett – Professional Services Director, Shieldpay

  • Why are firms using third-party-managed accounts
  • What are third-party-managed accounts
  • How are firms driving efficiencies, improving client care and driving cost savings from the use of third-party-managed accounts.

Stage Break


Mergers & Acquisitions - Driving Law Firm Innovation

Rebecca Ferguson – Head of Capital Markets, London, Ince 

  • Why merge
  • The Ince Gordon Dadds journey
  • The challenges of execution
  • The challenges of integration.

Making Paper Digital - Ready for Artificial Intelligence

Nicola Smith – Sales Manager, EMEA, nQueue

  • Who are nQueue
  • Basics of Artificial Intelligence & the weight of data
  • Cutting-edge strategies for digitisation of paper documents & records
  • Analysis of scanning software - scanning to iManage/NetDocuments & alike.

The Changing Face of the Law Firm Brand and the Impact of Business Development

Zelinda Bennett – Marketing and Client Development Director, DWF

  • Evolution of the law firm brand
  • The importance of shared culture & values for client and firm relations
  • Impact on Business Operations and performance

Chairperson’s Closing Remarks

Ian Jeffery – Chief Executive, Lewis Silkin (Stage Chairperson)


Stage Close

The ‘8×8’ Tech Hub – Led by Janet Day, will explore various new initiatives, technologies and leadership measures that can advance firms in this competitive market. In addition, the 2019 event will evaluate how change management is paramount for the firm to stay ahead of the changes facing the sector.

The presentations will look at the impact of technology on leadership whilst discussing the business of law and how delivering growth is needed at all levels to achieve law firm success in a globalized industry.

The sessions will debate how firms can take advantage of technological advancements, including disruptive innovations for value creation, whilst ensuring up-skilling and diversifying in the face of security challenges. In addition, speakers will discuss, implementing best practice network security and having the leadership needed to steer businesses into the next generation.

Time Schedule Speakers

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Janet Day – Independent Consultant (Stage Chairperson)

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The Challenging (and Changing) World of IT – Going Beyond People, Process and Technology

Christel Aguila – Head of IT and Partner, Winckworth Sherwood 

  • Why we need to go beyond the usual people, process & technology approach
  • Driving the firm's tech evolution through continuous improvement, innovation & technology awareness
  • Navigating the challenges of new ways of working as a combined legal, client & technology function
  • Integrating the new generation of employees.

Successfully Transitioning to a Matter Management Solution on Office 365

David Smith – Partner & Head of Operations, Anthony Gold Solicitors

  • The move to the Cloud
  • Our decision to use Office 365 & Repstor Custodian for Legal™
  • The journey so far & where we go from here.

Innovation as a Core Driver for Business Sustainability

Adam Hembury – Transformation and Innovation Lead

  • The innovation challenge - What types of innovation are required
  • The current state of innovation in legal - Hot air or transformational change
  • What are the clients demanding
  • New revenue streams versus better service delivery
  • People innovation as a competitive advantage.

Smoke and Mirrors – Data Privacy Exposed

Jamie Snaddon – General Counsel, Europe, 8×8

  • The Cloud Communications Minefield
  • Scaling for Disruptive Change
  • Client Experience (CX) through Innovation
  • Delivering Client Success GDPR - Compliance AI, ML & Emerging Technologies.

Making Cybersecurity Business Critical

Senior Representative – National Cyber Security Centre

  • The NCSC's role & the importance of working in partnership with the legal sector to better protect firms
  • Key findings from a report into the cyber threat to the legal sector
  • Practical guidance to takeaway - help your firm to better protect itself.

Embracing Change in Turbulent Times

Jane Pritchard – General Manager of Alliances, InfoTrack

  • The future of the economy & the potential impact on law firms
  • How businesses can grow out of an economic downturn
  • Strategies employed during turbulent times.

Rise of Cyber: Engage Humans

Dr. Jessica Barker – Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Cygenta

  • Exploring psychology, neuroscience & behavioural economics to understand the human side of cybersecurity
  • An interactive session which demystifies why we are so susceptible to social engineering
  • What you can do to better-protect yourself, & your organisation, from cyber criminals & fraudsters.

Stage Break


AI Technology – A Reality Check (Panel Session)

A panel of experienced users of legal AI solutions, will explore the reality of using this technology, what problems it solves, how useful it is, & what challenges there are.

This is a no-holds barred look at the real deal of legal AI technology, showing the good and the bad.

Erica Albertson – Head of eDiscovery Solutions, Simmons & Simmons Solutions
Orlando Conetta – Head of SmartDelivery, Pinsent Masons
Johannes Stiehler – Chief Technology Officer, ayfie Group

Janet Day – Independent Consultant (Chair)


Client Experience is Essential - Technology is the Secret Ingredient

Julia Salasky – CEO & Founder,  Legl

  • Savvy legal service providers are using technology to improve client experience
  • How this approach wins more business and increase profitability.

Data Analytics - Insights that Drive Value Creation

Jason Ku – Founder & CEO, Aspirant Analytics

  • Drawing insights from data analytics
  • Case studies on what can be achieved with the right insights
  • Assembling a data set.

Building a Truly Collaborative Environment

Dani McCormick – Director of Solutions, LexisNexis
Karen Waldron – Product Development Director, LexisNexis

  • The benefits & challenges of creating collaborative working practices between Technology, Legal & Product colleagues
  • Experience gained within agile transformation & experimentation at LexisNexis
  • Change management tips & recommendations for implementing cultural change within firms to optimise their potential for innovation.

Making Risk & Compliance Business Critical

Muriel Marseille – Director of Risk & Compliance, Deputy MLRO, Ashurst

  • The speed, complexity, & impact of change affects every vertical & organisation
  • The need to proactively manage & mitigate risk & ensure compliance for your organisation remains constant
  • The influx of regulation coupled with increasingly severe penalties increases the need to make risk & compliance management a critical part of operational & strategic decision making.

Chairperson’s Closing Remarks

Janet Day – Independent Consultant (Stage Chairperson)

  • A summary of the issues & opportunities presented on The Tech Hub.

Stage Close

The Operations Stage (Tech / Management) – Led by Andrew Haslam, Squire Patton Boggs, will explore the current and future strategies available for the profession as well as the future lawyer and the in depth understanding of how to manage and retain their people and talent pool.

The sessions will investigate the culture change that is evolving within the business of law and the impact this has for firms whilst evaluating the centralization of legal operations for closer client alignment whilst increasing the productivity of firms in a disruptive market.

Speakers will evaluate the continued political uncertainty and impending Brexit fallout and the effects this may have on the sector. At the same time, explore how these threats also bring significant opportunities specifically alongside the current exploration of increasing de-regulation within the legal community.

Time Schedule Speakers

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Andrew Haslam – eDiscovery Project Manager, Squire Patton Boggs (Stage Chairperson)

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Legal Operations (Panel)

Richard King – Chief Legal Operations Officer, Herbert Smith Freehills
Amy McConnell – Head of Legal Operations, Vodafone Business
Mo Ajaz – Chief Counsel of National Grid Property & Legal Operational Excellence, National Grid
Andrew Haslam – eDiscovery Project Manager, Squire Patton Boggs (Chair) 

  • Centralisation of legal operations
  • Implementing collaborative client relationships
  • Better leveraging tools, proprietary technology & process improvements to drive performance
  • The evolving complexities of the legal & economic environment while embracing new technologies.


The panel will discuss current challenges in the profession and where the lack of diversity & inclusion is highlighted, whilst outlining what can be done by the profession to strive forward for the benefit of the community.

Jay Wetterau – Head of Inclusiveness & Diversity, Fieldfisher
Paulina Jedwabska – Head of Information Governance, Department for Digital Culture Media and Sport
Simon George – Associate Professor, Director of ULTRA, The University of Law
Andrew Haslam – eDiscovery Project Manager, Squire Patton Boggs (Chair)


A Modern Approach to eDiscovery

Chirag Zaveri – Director of Sales, Everlaw

  • State of the eDiscovery industry
  • Challenges for corporations
  • How your organization can evolve.

Disruption, Digitisation, Globalisation - DLA Piper's Radical Response to Change

Simon Levine – Global co-CEO, DLA Piper
Jana Blount – Change Maker, DLA Piper

  • Why be radical
  • What do we mean by radical
  • How are we going to achieve it.

Stage Break


Driving Change – The Future of the HR Director

Jay Connolly – Global Chief Talent Officer, Dentons

  • How do you develop the leaders of the future
  • The psychology of why people perform
  • What does the HR Director of the future look like.

Britain After Brexit

Gregor Irwin – Chief Economist / Director, Global Counsel

  • When considering the political & economic outlook for Britain after Brexit - What sort of politics should we expect
  • Can the UK & the EU forge a close partnership - What are the economic risks & opportunities
  • What, specifically, should professional services firms & large multinational corporations based in the UK be focusing on as Brexit enters the next phase.

The Threats & Opportunities From Increasing De-regulation

Paul Philip – Chief Executive, Solicitors Regulation Authority 
Simon Davis – President, The Law Society of England and Wales
Sarah Chambers – Chair, Legal Services Consumer Panel
Stephen Mayson – Honorary Prof. of Law, UCL (Chair)

  • Is deregulation a threat to law firms, solicitors or consumers of legal services
  • Does deregulation provide more career choices for solicitors
  • Unregulated legal services are popular & are now competing more directly with law firms.

Chairperson’s Closing Remarks

Andrew Haslam – eDiscovery Project Manager, Squire Patton Boggs (Stage Chairperson)

  • A summary of the issues & opportunities presented on the Operations Stage.

Stage Close

The Lockwood Room will host two private CPD accredited Masterclass knowledge sessions focused on two sector focused topics:

Leadership Challenges Facing Law Firms / New Business Development and Having Better Pricing Conversations – Focusing on Value.

Time Schedule Speakers

Leadership Challenges Facing Law Firms / New Business Development

Key ‘takeaways’ from the session:

Law firms performed well in 2019 but the challenge of improving productivity remains, as does the need to grow more market share, particularly if demand falls due to a less benign economic environment. We will look at some key issues, trends and data and answer some key questions together so the session is as useful and practical as possible for delegates.

  • What is the state of the legal market and the macro trends
  • What is going to be the impact of a less benign economic environment
  • What do clients really want from a law firm
  • How can we improve productivity by reducing the cost of delivery
  • How can we improve collaboration to win more work
  • How can we develop future leaders of law firms with the right skills.

Led by Tim Aspinall – CEO, Aspinall Consultants Limited

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Stage Break


Having Better Pricing Conversations – Focusing on Value – Sponsored by BigHand

Pricing has more impact on a firm’s profitability than any other factor, so getting it right should be one of the top priorities.  As clients become more sophisticated and critical of fees and billing arrangements, pressure on firms is mounting to justify the numbers and convince clients that price equals value.

Key ‘takeaways’ from the session:

  • The changing legal market: Opportunities and threats for law firms
  • What successful pricing looks like and its impact
  • How we can create and credibly demonstrating value
  • Participant Breakout Session – Having the CEO Conversation
  • Summary of key messages

Led by Stuart Dodds – Principal/Co-Founder, Positive Pricing


Having Better Pricing Conversations – Putting the conversation into action with the Power of Technology - Sponsored by BigHand

85 percent of law firms now report having proactive conversations with their clients around pricing and budgets and 67 percent are collaborating with clients on creative alternative pricing options(Altman Weil). With this shift in favour of the client how do law firms use technology to plan, budget, monitor and track their pricing to ensure that price demonstrates value and the work being delivered remains profitable?

Key ‘takeaways’ from the session:

  • How technology can demonstrate value in pricing
  • What pricing with concreate actionable data looks like
  • How to provide legal teams with crucial data and profitability drivers like leverage, effort and costs

Led by Dan Wales – Head of Strategic Accounts, BigHand

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