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Returning to London on Tuesday 10th October, The London Law Expo / European Legal Security Forum 2017 will welcome an estimated 2,000 visitors from the world of legal practice management, technology and IT security.

Following the recent amalgamation of The London Law Expo and The European Legal Security Forum, this major international law event will take place over 2 floors at the Old Billingsgate, London where visitors are offered open access to both events.

With 6 presentation stages, 70 expert speakers and over 80 exhibitors across two floors, The London Law Expo / European Legal Security Forum 2017 will explore a wide array of topics, issues and opportunities to assist law firms and legal businesses increase their overall performance, profitability and levels of IT security.

As Europe’s largest law expo, the newly amalgamated event will be staged over 3,000 sqm of floor space with ‘The London Law Expo’ taking place on the ground floor and ‘The European Legal Security Forum’ being staged on the 2nd floor of the Old Billingsgate, London.


The London Law Expo 2017 – (Ground Floor)

Chaired by Professor Stephen Mayson, The London Law Expo 2017 will bring together the most respected names in the legal and commercial worlds to deliver a wide range of managerial, operational and sector focused information.

With 4 presentation stages running simultaneous development sessions, the event will explore emerging opportunities within the legal & economic landscapes, strategies for increased managerial & team performance, operations, practice management and firm-wide business development.

Following the successful launch of the Tech Hub in 2015, the London Law Expo 2017 will also examine the legal technology systems, strategies and processes that will drive law firms and legal businesses into the next decade and beyond.

The London Law Expo 2017 will examine and explore:

  • The Reinvention of Law
  • Driving & Managing Firm Innovation
  • The Impact of Technology on Leadership
  • The Business of Law
  • Technology vs Humanity
  • Strategies for Rapid change & Strategic Firm Growth
  • Firm Structures, Performance & Operational Excellence
  • The CFO: The Collaborative & Commercial leader
  • Talent Acquisition and Performance Management
  • Cultural Intelligence – A GC’s Perspective
  • The Power of the Law Firm Brand
  • Business Performance via Strategic Innovation
  • IT innovation as a core driver for firm growth
  • The Internet of Things & Artificial Intelligence
  • & much more…

The European Legal Security Forum – (2nd Floor)

Following the sold-out success of the inaugural event in 2016, The European Legal Security Forum 2017 will be staged on the 2nd floor of the Old Billingsgate, London during The London Law Expo 2017.

With an emphasis on critical response planning, risk mitigation, data breach aftermath and cyber security awareness, The European Legal Security Forum 2017 will explore the security threats and high-priority risk factors associated with cyber security and data protection within the legal sector.

Chaired by award winning security analyst Graham Cluley, this full day conference and exhibition will offer presentations by over 30 leading experts from the world of cyber security who will offer advice on the latest developments in IT security, law firm resilience and threat vulnerability.

With over 500 CIO’s, CISO’s, Head’s of Legal Technology expected to attend, the event will feature 2 presentation stages whilst delivering 30 leading suppliers, showcasing the latest IT security systems available to protect law firms and legal businesses from sophisticated hacks and breaches.

The European Legal Security Forum 2017 will examine and explore:

  • The Security Threat landscape
  • Vulnerabilities within The Profession
  • Establishing an IT Security Culture
  • Law Firm Resilience & Risk Mitigation
  • Client Data Safety & Encryption
  • Why Law Firms are a Top Target for Hackers
  • Cyberwarfare
  • Critical Response Planning
  • Cyber Security – The Lessons Learned
  • Social Engineering – Securing the Human Element
  • GDPR – The Impact of a Breach
  • Regulating Law Firm Security
  • & much more…




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