Keynote Speakers

Jeff Nischwitz,
President, The Nischwitz Group

From successful large law firm partner to founder of his own entrepreneurial law firm, Jeff Nischwitz successfully built a client base while practicing law and building a law firm. Jeff has “walked the walk” as a large firm partner, as a solo practitioner, and as the founder and leader of an entrepreneurial business law firm, which provides him with a diverse and practical perspective on the business of law and law firms.

Jeff’s first book, Think Again! Innovative Approaches to the Business of Law (ABA 2007) offers innovative and practical advice on building an exceptional law firm, including leadership essentials in the business of law.

“Jeff’s book (Think Again!) is the gold standard of how a firm should be managed and how lawyers should endeavor to promote their practice.  I consider your book to be an invaluable resource for law firm managers.” Michael Foster, Jackson Kelly, PLLC.

“This hot-off-the-press title is the best new book to be published on growing and running a law firm in several years. It’s insightful, comprehensive, and unusually well written. It’s a must read.” Bill Jawitz, Jawitz Legal Consulting.

“In my view, if your firm only takes advantage of one new reference source or planning tool this year, this book is the one to select. It will encourage you to take a brutally honest look at what’s working and what’s not within your firm and to exercise your professional muscle to make change happen. … It’s one of the most valuable books I have read in my 20 plus years as a practice management consultant and coach.” Nancy Bylerly Jones, Lawyers USA. Read more.

Live on the Main Stage (LLE) at 09:55 – 10:35

Gerd Leonhard

Gerd Leonhard is a widely-known and top-rated futurist, with over 1500 engagements in 50+ countries since 2004 and a combined audience of over 1 million people. Gerd focusses on near-future,
‘nowist’ observations and actionable foresights in the sectors of humanity, society, business and commerce, media, technology and communications.

Gerd is also an influential author, a sought-after executive ‘future trainer’ and a trusted strategic advisor. He is the co-author of the best-selling book The Future of Music and the author of 5 other books including ‘The Humanity Challenge’ (June 2016). Gerd is also the host of the web-TV series TheFutureShow and the CEO of TheFuturesAgency, a global network of over 30 leading futurists. Read more. 

Live on the Main Stage (LLE) at 15:45 – 16:25

Sir John Sawers
Former Chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service

Sir John Sawers is the former chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS, also known as MI6). During his tenure, he modernised the Service and led it through major changes in operations, technology, and public accountability.

In presentations, Sawers is able to draw from his personal experience in managing the most challenging foreign and security policy issues of the last 20 years, including the rise of China, the evolution of Russia, the threat of terrorism and cyber attack, the changes in the Middle East, and the nuclear negotiations in Iran. The BBC said, “In complex negotiations, he mastered the art of delivering sound bites which sum up the issues.” His is a powerful look at the unpredictable global landscape, the forces and key players shaping the world, cyber security, and how organisations can make it work for them. He also remains closely involved in current affairs through his advisory work with leaders of corporations, financial institutions, and governments.

With a total of 36 years working for the British government, Sawers is a diplomat with close ties to Downing Street and the foreign policy establishment. He was the first outsider to be appointed to SIS in decades, and he was the first head to give a public speech, lifting the veil of secrecy surrounding the notorious agency. He will likely be remembered for bringing unprecedented openness to the role as he regularly appeared in media to describe the agency’s work. Read more.

Live on the ‘CenturyLink’ Main Stage (ELSF) at 15:45 – 16:25

CEO, Redacted Firm

FC is a well-known ethical hacker and social engineer. He started at a young age when computers were growing in popularity and the hacker scene was in its infancy. He has been working in the infosec field for over 20 years and excels at circumventing access controls. He is motivated by a drive to make individuals, organisations and countries more secure and better-able to defend themselves from malicious attack.

As an ethical social engineer, FC ‘breaks into’ hundreds of banks, offices and government facilities in the UK and Europe. His work demonstrating weaknesses in physical, personnel and digital controls assists organisations to improve their security. FC is currently Head of Cyber Research for Raytheon UK where he performs valuable research into vulnerabilities. He is also the CEO of Redacted Firm, a small company specialising in physical security, social engineering awareness training and bespoke social engineering and penetration testing. His client list involves every major high-street bank in the UK, FTSE100 companies and multiple government agencies and security forces.

FC frequently gives talks at corporate events, security conferences, universities and schools and focuses on teaching people of all ages the art of security in an engaging and impactful way. He co-founded the Surrey and Hampshire Hackspace as well as Defcon 441417. He has co-hosted many podcasts, been featured in the press and regularly writes articles for journals and blogs.

Live on the ‘CenturyLink’ Main Stage (ELSF) at 10:25 – 10:55


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