Eric Hunter

Director of Knowledge, Technology & Innovation Strategies

Bradford & Barthel

Eric Hunter is the Director of Knowledge, Technology & Innovation Strategies at Bradford & Barthel, LLP, Executive Director of Spherical Models, LLC and a legal industry futurist. Eric leads the Spherical Models team focusing on spherical business innovations, models and process workflow leveraging big data, strategic pricing, predictive analytics, futurism, social and collaborative solutions. Eric is constantly looking to leverage innovation solutions to enhance client service interaction while driving business optimization solutions internally.

Eric speaks and writes on futurism, competitive strategy, evolving business models, process evolutions, big data, strategic pricing, predictive analytics and collaborative cloud solutions globally and is the recipient of ILTA’s 2010 ‘Knowledge Management Champion’ Distinguished Peer and ILTA’s 2010 ‘Innovative Member’ awards. Eric is on the editorial board for Managing Partner. Eric is the author of ‘The Sherlock Syndrome: Strategic Success through Big Data and the Darwinian Disruption.


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