Ruth Gawthorpe


The Smart Working Revolution

Ruth is the CEO of The Smart Working Revolution – a passionate champion of Smart Working.

About 5 years ago Ruth became wheelchair bound for a while and realised just how much talent cannot do the commute 5 days a week. Today, she’s CEO of the Smart Working Revolution. Ruth and the Team have been implementing smart options for the last 20 years. They have recently embarked on a tour to share with Leaders their experience and the benefits of smart working to business, employees, customers and, of course, society.

When adopted widely, the impact of Smart Working on society will be powerful. Work will be distributed more fairly as talent pools open up. Smart options allow parents more time with their family and help to bridge the gender pay gap as parents can work more comfortably while raising a family and those who live in remote areas of the country, people with disabilities or carers can also be included in the workforce.

For business, Ruth’s implementation programmes have seen increases in productivity of circa 13%. That’s nearly one day per week. If just 10% of UK businesses adopted the smart options that worked for their unique business, imagine how that would impact UK productivity as a whole.


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