Stage Overviews


The  Crown Stage – Led by Prof. Stephen Mayson, will explore the future of legal services and the effect the ‘change management’ methodology is having on, leadership, performance, and culture with the profession.

The sessions will address the question of industry deregulation or alternative regulation and discuss how this could change and shape firms for the future. Additional sessions will explore how challenging traditional models can be the injection firms need to launch them into the constantly evolving climate. In addition the Crown stage speakers will ask the question Why?: How do leaders inspire action in their teams to take the business into a new era and what traits leaders need to continue growing businesses in the face of economic and global disruption.


The Chancery Stage Led by Ian Jeffrey, CEO of Lewis Silkin, will address the continuous evolution of internal operations, performance management techniques, business performance and more. The 2019 agenda will discuss Generation X & Z and the evolution that the lawyers of the future are bringing into the profession. In addition the stage will explore how value & efficiency are key for client service advancement as well as delivering into the strategic guidance of supporting the future of the firms.

In addition, the speakers will explore how firms should look to ‘Build a War Chest’ and be ready to explore opportunities that will present themselves with the fallout from political uncertainty.


The Tech Hub – Led by Janet Day, will explore various new initiatives, technologies and leadership measures that can advance firms in this competitive market. In addition, the 2019 event, will evaluate how change management is paramount for the firm to stay ahead of the changes facing the sector.

The presentations will look at the impact of technology on leadership whilst discussing the business of law and how delivering growth is needed at all levels to achieve law firm success in a globalized industry. The sessions will debate how firms can take advantage of technological advancements, including disruptive innovations for value creation, whilst ensuring up-skilling and diversifying in the face of security challenges. In addition, speakers will discuss, implementing best practice network security and having the leadership needed to steer businesses into the next generation.


The Operations Stage (Tech / Management) – Led by Andrew Haslam, Squire Patton Boggs, will explore the current and future strategies available for the profession and the future lawyer and the in depth understanding of how to manage and retina their people and talent pool.

The sessions will investigate the culture change that is evolving within the business of law and the impact this has for firms whilst evaluating the centralization of legal operations for closer client alignment whilst increasing the productivity of firms in a disruptive market.

Speakers will evaluate the continued Political uncertainty and impending Brexit fallout and the effects this may have on the sector, whilst exploring how threats bring significant opportunities specifically alongside the current exploration of increasing de-regulation within the legal community.