Stage Overviews – London Law Expo / European Legal Security Forum 2017


The ‘Pitney Bowes’ Main Stage (London Law Expo)  Led by Prof. Stephen Mayson, will explore the reinvention of legal services and the effect this is having on leadership, the people, and culture within the profession.

The sessions will address innovation in a ‘rational’ vs ‘non-rational’ case, and evaluate how the legal sector is ensuring a competitive and supportive landscape in light of disruptive technologies impacting the profession. In addition, the 2017 keynotes will delve into 21st century leadership, addressing engagement techniques, skills to empower your team for the future, and address the moral framework required to steer the evolution of digital life within all professions.


The ‘Netlaw Media’ Crown Stage (London Law Expo) Led by Ian Jeffrey, CEO of Lewis Silkin, will address the continuous evolution of internal operations, performance management techniques, business performance and more. The 2017 agenda will evaluate the strategic investment needed by firm management to ensure the advanced growth and future ongoing success of firms, in establishing an innovation culture and a client centric service.

The session will also explore how disruptive technologies are now pushing talent management capabilities to the center of operations to drive firm success. The speakers will also highlight the benefits that automation, IoT and analytics can bring to the profession and how these are advancing Legal services into a new era.


The ‘DocuSign’ Tech Hub (London Law Expo) Led by Janet Day, will explore various new initiatives, technologies and leadership measures that can advance firms in this competitive market. In addition, the 2017 event, will evaluate IT strategies paramount for firm competitive advantage.

The presentations will look at how firms can take advantage of technological advancements, whilst investing in future facing initiatives such as FinTech. Experts will explore IoT, and how AI fits within this to the benefit of organisations looking to explore further strategic growth. The sessions will also discuss disruptive innovations for value creation, whilst exploring the client focus that firms need to take to ensure success.


The ‘Introhive’ Innovation Stage (London Law Expo) – Led by Jason Plant, will explore current systems, processes and solutions available for the profession and the future lawyer. The sessions will investigate new applications, including new security solutions for evolved security strategies including more streamlined services.

Expert speakers will explore the benefits that automation, AI, IoT and analytics can bring to the profession and how this is advancing Legal services into a phase of disruptive revolution.


The ‘CenturyLink’ Main Stage (European Legal Security Forum) Led by Graham Cluley, will explore the security threat landscape, and the most pressing issues for law firms to consider.

The sessions will address imbedding a security culture as part of the business strategy and evaluate the current vulnerability of the sector. The speakers will also undertake live demonstrations identifying vulnerable devices, whilst discussing some of the world’s biggest breaches and key areas that companies can protect themselves against.,

In addition, the 2017 keynote will delve into national security policies, cyber warfare and address the most serious issues in cyber security.


The ‘IGX Global’ Security Stage (European Legal Security Forum)  Led by Peter Wright, will delve into the broader security ecosystem. From the security of disruptive technologies such as blockchain, to social engineering. The 2017 agenda will look at security in a deeper sense, addressing the specific areas that must be considered when implementing / adopting new technologies, systems, and processes.

The sessions, will discuss data security from the client prospective including first set of model cyber-security practices that the industry must adhere too. In addition, the speakers will discuss how to Identify Fraud and mitigate firm risk including the human element, whilst delving into GDPR and the practical issues that will arise should a breach be identified.


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