Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Complimentary Passes:

  • Only full time employees of a Law Firm or Barristers’ Chambers, or an In-House Counsel representing a registered company on a full time basis can accept or register for a free / complimentary delegate pass to attend ‘The London Law Expo 2018’.
  • Should you be unable to attend the event, your free / complimentary delegate pass is transferable to other full time members / employees of your Law Firm or Chambers or to another In-House Counsel of the same company.
  • A free / complimentary delegate pass is not to be offered or transferred to any consultant, vendor, supplier or part time employee.
  • A free / complimentary delegate pass cannot be sold, redeemed or exchanged for cash or credit.
  • A free / complimentary delegate pass cannot be used in conjunction or in addition to any other offer.
  • All attendees must register their attendance via the online ‘Delegate Registration’ page at either www.londonlawexpo.com prior to the event.
  • Netlaw Media reserves the right to cancel any delegate pass or invitation at its discretion & without explanation.
  • Netlaw Media reserves the right to cancel all unclaimed delegate passes and invitations when this event reaches full capacity.
  • By submitting your registration for this event, you consent to Netlaw Media contacting you with regards to future events and services.
  • By accepting a free / complimentary delegate pass or invitation, or by attending ‘The London Law Expo 2018’ all delegates accept the full terms and conditions of registration as stated below
  • All VIP pass codes and allocations will expire 40 days prior to event date.

Terms & Conditions of Registration:


In the Terms & Conditions of Registration, the following definitions apply:

‘The Event’ means ‘The London Law Expo 2018’ being organised by Netlaw Media Ltd and being held in London on the 9th October 2018.
‘Netlaw Media’ means Netlaw Media Ltd.
‘Owners’ means the landlords or owners of the venue.
‘Delegate’ means any person or business attending or registering to attend ‘The London Law Expo 2018’.
‘Venue’ means the Old Billingsgate, London, United Kingdom.

Terms and Conditions

Upon receipt of a delegate registration, a confirmation and VAT invoice / receipt (where applicable) will be issued via email. Should a cost be issued, passes must be paid via credit card at the time of booking. Should payment not be received, Netlaw Media reserves the right to cancel the registration at its discretion. Should a cost be issued, all delegate registrations must be paid in full prior to the event and before admittance to the event is permitted. Netlaw Media reserves the right to reject any registration without explanation.

Netlaw Media reserves the right to change and amend the speaker line-up or event program at its own discretion and without notice. In extreme circumstances, it may be necessary to change the date, venue, or to cancel the event. In the event of a date / venue change or a cancellation of the event, a full refund of all fees paid will be offered to paying delegates only. In the event of a date / venue change or a cancellation of the event, Netlaw Media will not accept liability for any other claim other than a paid delegate registration fee.

In the case of a paying delegate requesting a cancellation, no refunds will be given, however a substitute delegate may be nominated before 5pm on Tuesday 2nd October 2018 without charge.

Netlaw Media will not be held responsible for any travel, accommodation, food or refreshment requirements of delegates. Netlaw Media will not be held responsible for delegates obtaining visas to the UK.

Netlaw Media will not be liable for any death, injury, loss or damage suffered or sustained by a delegate as a result of any circumstances associated with the event, or deemed to be out of the control of Netlaw Media.

Netlaw Media will not be held responsible for the security of any delegate, nor for any delegate’s personal belongings. All delegates accept and acknowledge that neither Netlaw Media nor the venue maintains insurance covering any delegates’ property and / or liability, and it is the sole responsibility of the delegate to obtain such insurance.

Upon request, Netlaw Media may provide up to 6.5 Hours CPD hours for this event which is accredited by the CPD Standards Office (Provider Number: 41040). It is the delegates’ responsibility to request CPD accreditation from Netlaw Media at the time of registration, and it is the delegates’ responsibility to submit the CPD certificate to their relevant governing body. CPD accreditation costings are stated on the ‘Delegate Registration’ page of this website.

As part of our due diligence process, Netlaw Media Ltd reserves the right to check / share your details with all relevant legal authorities including but not limited to; The Solicitor’s Regulation of England & Wales, The Law Society, The Bar Standards Board and in extreme cases the Metropolitan Police.

Photography and filming by Netlaw Media approved photographers and film crews may take place during this event. As photographs and film footage may include images of delegates, all delegates acknowledge and accept that Netlaw Media may record, photograph, film and broadcast (via print, electronic means and internet) any image or film footage taken during the event. All delegates agree to offer Netlaw Media the exclusive right to use any image or film footage taken at the event for promotion of Netlaw Media, and for the promotion of any Netlaw Media event.

You do have the right to object to the distribution of your image and if you to wish to removed please notify us immediately.

No photography, filming or recordings of this event or it’s speakers, exhibitors, sponsors or delegates shall be made, produced or displayed (in any print or electronic format) by any delegate without prior written consent from the C.E.O of Netlaw Media.

No articles, blogs or text based coverage of the event shall be written, submitted, produced, displayed and / or published by any delegate or any publication, website or business for which any delegate represents or submits such content without prior written consent from the C.E.O of Netlaw Media. This includes reproducing or displaying (in full or part) any content from a speaker presentation within any print and / or electronic format, publication or website which is not an official media partner of this event.

During this event, alcoholic beverages may be served for the enjoyment of delegates, speakers and sponsors. Netlaw Media strongly advise all delegates to keep within the UK legal drink driving alcohol limits. By agreeing to the terms & conditions of registration, delegates accept full responsibility for their own actions and acknowledge and agree that Netlaw Media, the event caters, event suppliers, the venue, event sponsors and event partners will not be held responsible for any delegate’s actions following the consumption of alcohol, or from any related or non-related circumstance which may occur prior, during or following the event.

While peanuts or other tree nuts may not be an ingredient in the food served at the event, menu items may be produced in the same area as food containing various nuts. Netlaw Media, the event caters, event suppliers and the venue wish to advise sufferers of nut allergies, that although best practices are used in the preparation of food served by the venue, inadvertent cross-contamination of nuts and nut traces may occur.

Full day event passes for ‘Event Organisers’ and representatives of ‘Publications and Websites’ which are not approved partners of Netlaw Media or The London Law Expo 2018 are £12,950 + vat per pass. No multiple booking discounts are offered for ‘Event Organisers’ or representatives of ‘Publications and Websites’ which are not approved partners. To request ‘Event Organiser / Publication / Website representative passes’, email lawevents@netlawmedia.com with the heading ‘Event Organiser / Publication / Website Representative Pass Request’. All ‘Event Organiser / Publication / Website Representative Passes’ must be paid via bank transfer within 48 hours of request.

By submitting your registration for this event, you consent to Netlaw Media contacting you via email and telephone with regards to this and future events / services.

Data Protection:

By submitting a registration for this event, the participant acknowledges and gives consent on behalf of all person’s mentioned on this registration form to have their details entered onto Netlaw Media’s database. The participant also acknowledges and gives consent for Netlaw Media to contact the registered delegate via email and telephone for this and future Netlaw Media events and services.

Your details will be entered into the Netlaw Media Ltd database to help us process your registration more efficiently and to keep you informed of information in relation to this event as well as upcoming events and services. Should you not wish to receive information related to additional events and services supplied by Netlaw Media, please write to The Director of Events at lawevents@netlawmedia.com.

Netlaw Media will never sell or give your information to third parties. As an attendee of a Netlaw Media event, you have the option to authorize an individual onsite, to scan your badge. In the event that your badge is scanned, you are giving permission for this company to obtain your full details (as supplied at registration) for future contact.


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